Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cruise pictures and Black Friday Sale

The cruise pictures are coming in.  We will have Charles' up this weekend.
A great time was had with Nicky Epstein and Cascade Yarns. Thank you to
everyone who joined us!  We hope you will start saving up for 2017!

Our Black Friday Sale is for three days,  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this year.
We are putting all the chairs outside so there will be no sitting and knitting for during the sale.
If the weather is bad, we will have the brownies and campaign inside.  Lots of ribbon yarns
to make those fun scarves for your holiday gifts. Come enjoy all the GREAT PRICES!!

We are in the process of planning our 3rd annual Orange Blossom Yarn
Crawl for 2015.  Dates and times to follow.

See you soon!