Monday, June 16, 2014


The shop is packed with yarn, the table is open , and we have free help
everyday from 1-5PM.  If you bring your project in, don't forget your
pattern!  Lots of classes and a private lesson if you need special time.
Just call anytime. 321-632-4579
We are VERY excited about the cruise.  Over 150 cabins booked for
November.  Nicky Epstein and Cascade Yarns are coming and the
price is great.  If you think you are interested, just give our travel agent, Daphne,
a call at 321-632-5610.  It costs you nothing to ask questions.
We do have an event fee of $200.00 that includes 26 classes our staff (12 are going)
will teach on board, all the parties, a goodie bag full of fun stuff, and evenings
of fun.  Our  fee is not due until August so you can get your cabin paid for first.
Florida is starting to get steamy but the shop is cool and there's always coffee, tea
wine or water and lots of chocolate!  See you soon!