Wednesday, September 21, 2011


WOW! It all came in at once!  New yarns for fall and winter from chunky to lace weight.
Hoping I can find enough room to get it off the working table!!
Notice Becky Joy at the end of the table helping Lori check it all in--thank you  Becky!
Due to the arrival of all this new yarn, we will have quite a bit of summer yarn on sale Sunday October 9th
(Sunday Sale 1-4)
We also have all the new colors and styles of the ruffle yarns--great, fast, gifts.
We hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Events on the Cruise

Hi Everyone!
I just talked to Daphne at the travel agency and she suggested we post the prices for the cruise with the Port taxes, taxes,and gratuities added in so you are not mislead by the base price of the room.  This is a group rate and is lower than the internet when all is added. 
Also, I wanted you to know that we have events and classes planned outside of Melissa's classes (although if you have never taken a class from a national teacher, now is the time!)
We have three conference rooms on board(actually, we took all the conference rooms they had) with a nice
greeting area.  Melissa will have a room of her own the two days she is teaching, the middle one has a stage and is bi-level so we can have our "sample-its" and yarns in there, and the third we can use for our teachers throughout the day.  Each one of our staff will be teaching one hour "make and takes" or knit-knoid projects(that's my word for knit knoids.....)during the day.
Our group has early seating at dinner(6-ish) which is the only meal we have planned. Otherwise, you will not believe the buffet's on board.  They have an Asian and Indian buffet in addition to the regular buffet on the pool deck.  If you have special needs, just let your waiter know in advance for the next day.
There will be a full published schedule of activities that your registration fee covers as well as your "goodie bag" full of fun stuff--and the bag is neat, too.
Remember, with Melissa, Cascade, and our staff on board, as well as Daphne from the travel agency, I promise you will have a wonderful whirlwind of a time!!!